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  • What is the difference between UNIVERSAL and CUSTOM antler anchors?
    The UNIVERSAL base has a larger dovetail slot than the CUSTOM base. The UNIVERSAL Anchor package includes 3 general sized hooks while the CUSTOM Anchor includes only one hook that is specific to the dimensions provided. Universal Antler Anchor Large female dovetail (to accodate all antler sizes) Includes 3 hooks (generic sizes for different antler sizes) Fits all antler sizes, Custom Antler Anchor Small female dovetail slot Includes 1 hook, specific to the dimensions you provide Fit specific to the dimensions you provide for minimum visibility.
  • How do I measure my shed for a CUSTOM Antler Anchor?
    Printable measuring instructions for custom antler anchor:
  • Do Antler Anchors work with all antlers?
    Antler anchors were designed specifically for whitetail shed antlers and may be used with Mule deer shed antlers. Please note that ABNORMAL (NON-TYPICAL) TINES MAY PROHIBIT ANTLER DISPLAY: Using the antler intended to be displayed, place the main beam (where it is perpendicular to the G3 tine) against the wall. Verify the main beam is capable of being flush with the wall. Antler anchors should NOT be used for any antlers where the main beam / G3 tine intersection point is unable to sit flush against a wall. Examples are shown below: Shed Antler that DOES NOT work with Antler Anchors: The kicker on the G2 prohibits the G3/main beam intersection point from sitting flush with the wall. Antler that DOES work with Antler Anchors: Notice how the G3/main beam intersection point is capable of sitting flush against the wall.
  • What is an FAQ section?
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